You'll never guess what this chemist uses to make an oven.
You'll never guess what this chemist uses to make an oven.
The mind of a chemist

to enjoy a cool set of DIY ovens. From Richard Haack, he is a chemist.

some people who are doing experiments may be familiar with this shape. Can you see what the oven is made of?

the answer is.

A decommissioned nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer _ (: ∠) _

(a decommissioned 400MHz NMR spectrometer, of course, not the kind of imaging in the hospital, but the kind often used to analyze chemicals. )

the usual painting style of these instruments:

this ingenious chemist turned the Dewar bottle inside the instrument into a carbon oven. The Dewar bottle can be understood as a thermos bottle, but it is used to keep the temperature low. Liquid helium was used to keep the superconducting magnet at-269C (now there is a He written on the grill. ). Now, however, it is about to start barbecue mode. The outer shell of the instrument is made into a wood-burning stove on the left.

it is said that the chemist 1985 came up with the idea of turning an old NMR instrument into an oven. It took him many years to find the right decommissioned equipment, disassemble it and learn how to weld it. Finally, the oven was put into use in July 2016, and it was dedicated to a batch of Indian pancakes for the first time.

he recently submitted his work to Chemistry in Picture, so I was able to see this magic hole _ (: magic "∠) _

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comes with a very cold cartoon about nuclear magnetic resonance:

by Brendan Burkett.

the following is the explanation:

resolution here is a pun, which refers to New year's resolutions, but also means resolution /resolution, so as an NMR instrument, the second frame answers 0.005Hz.

it's really cold. _ (: chemistry "∠) _

(chemists, let go of nuclear magnetic resonance)