From pastoral cabins to high-end luxurious gold, they are all the works of these moths.
From pastoral cabins to high-end luxurious gold, they are all the works of these moths.
Moths can also be good builders!

Psychidae belongs to Lepidoptera, which is not good-looking. To put it bluntly, it is a gray earth moth. The larvae of the coir moth will use silk to make a capsule to wrap themselves, which is covered with dead branches and fallen leaves, which play a dual role of camouflage and defense. When the larvae grow up, they hang the bag on the plant and pupate in it.

Pokemon knot is based on the coir moth.

the big coir moth (Clania variegata) sometimes appears in the flower, bird, fish and insect market as live food for birds, the trade name is "dermatophore". For most people, this is the most glorious appearance of the coir moth.

the coir moth is more famous in Japan. In "Martian Fae", the protagonist's knee ball lamp's ability is the big coir moth (which is like? ). Doraemon also has a treasure called "grass-bearing insect sleeping bag", which can be hung from a tree to sleep like a coir moth pupa.

although the appearance is mediocre, some coir moths have a literary heart. This coir moth, for example, sticks the broken twigs to the silk nest in the order from small to big, like a small house made of building blocks.

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photographer: Nick Bay

choose branches of similar length to create a very neat effect, like a rotating escalator, full of mathematical and regular beauty.

photographer: Nick Bay

using strips of wood of different lengths, seemingly stacked at random, it will show a kind of Japanese garden-like stillness and serenity (I'm talking nonsense).

photographers: Nick Bay

some coir moths prefer light feeling and make tents out of leaves.

photographer: model enthusiast of Nick Bay

created the shape of Eiffel Tower.

photographer: Nick Bay

another group of insects with great technological talent is the stone moth of Trichoptera. The larvae of the stone moth live in water and can also make silk nests, using sand and shell fragments as outer layers.

photographer: Jan Hamrsky

some houses are carefully inlaid and have a sense of design.

photographer: Jan Hamrsky

works of art of stone moths, in addition to the traditional version of local flavor, there is also a deluxe version. The artist Hubert Duprat put stone moths and pieces of gold gems in the fish tank, so the stone moths created the blinding earth gold. Big strip.

photographer: Fr é d é ric Delpech

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