Donuts glowing in the dark, do you want to try?
Donuts glowing in the dark, do you want to try?
Fluorescent dark cooking

share a dark dish. No, it's actually cooking that glows in the dark.

in 2017, Black Star Pastrya, an Australian store, launched a series of "luminous desserts" including doughnuts, all glowing eerily green in the dark.

but to be exact, this is not what we call "luminous". The "luminous" we usually see generally refers to light-storing materials that continue to glow for a period of time after the light source is turned off. Here, doughnuts actually emit fluorescence and need to be appreciated under the excitation of ultraviolet light.

the color may seem weird, but they use a common and non-toxic ingredient: riboflavin (vitamin B2). Add this vitamin to the decorative frosting and use it to decorate the dessert to produce a yellow-green fluorescent effect.

Grinding some vitamin B2 tablets and adding frosting should be able to produce this effect. This thing is really safer. If you are interested, you can also try it yourself. The same principle can also be used to make "fluorescent cocktails". Except for the special smell that may have a little bit of vitamins, it should not affect the taste of frosting.

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