Today, let's suck the king's foot worm.
Today, let's suck the king's foot worm.
It's just cute.

Today we come to share a video of the king eating the corpse of a crocodile with a foot worm, filmed at a depth of about 2000 meters. The video is from the University of Louisiana Ocean Association (the Louisiana University Marine Consortium,LUMCON).

the deep sea is generally a "desert" with relatively poor food, dotted with some "oases". Some "oases" are self-sufficient ecosystems, but more often rely on things that fall from shallow waters. Whale fall is estimated to have been heard of, the carcasses of other animals, wood, algae and so on will also become a source of food for deep-sea creatures.

sometimes, in order to observe the deep-sea ecosystem, researchers will take the initiative to throw something down. This video shows such a study. The researchers dropped the bodies of several alligators at different locations in the Gulf of Mexico and used cameras to record which animals would visit. This video shows that the carcass of an alligator quickly attracted several deep-sea scavengers-yes, the lovely king foot worm.

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I have to say that the king with foot worms is really a very energy-saving animal. Even if he nibbles on crocodiles so serenely, he doesn't seem to move very much most of the time. ∠), but you can still see the swimming picture. They can stop eating for a long time after a big meal. More introduction to the → magical creature: today I'd like to tell you about my favorite alligator. Alligators may seem like a strange experimental choice. After all, they live in fresh water. But researchers say it is not uncommon to find live crocodiles or corpses on beaches (perhaps brought by rivers or hurricanes), and they can also fall into the deep sea under natural conditions.

at present, this research is still in progress.

related reading: an introduction written by researcher Craig McClain:

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