Cute thing: knit a soft woolen skeleton
Cute thing: knit a soft woolen skeleton
I kind of want to touch...

Today, I'd like to share a set of creepy but lovely works: this is a set of life-size models of human skeletons and organs, but they are all made of wool.

Canadian artist Shanell Papp created this work and named it "Lab". It took her four months to crochet such a skeleton, as did the parts of the organs. The author herself said that it may seem like a joke, but she really seriously wants to make copies of human skeletons and organs, even in places that visitors do not notice: for example, there is bone marrow in the bones of the skeleton, and the brain in the skull has gray matter and white matter. I even designed semi-digested food in my stomach (but the photos I saw in these details really didn't show _ (: "∠") _).

the author is interested in medicine, anatomy and thinking about death, and she also creates this work to better understand her body.

the skeleton with viscera and fillings removed is soft and flattened, and looks particularly cute (

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some separately displayed wool viscera

the author's personal website: