Why is the "mystery drug" in the capsule?
Why is the "mystery drug" in the capsule?
What, I actually wrote my own professional tweets.

some time ago, I saw an old fan, in which there was a fictional drug produced in private and secretly traded, which was contained in a capsule. In retrospect, the same is true of the fictional works I've seen before (but I really don't have statistics. ). In fact, come to think of it, this design is quite reasonable. Today I would like to share a little bit of thinking about it.

(the APTX-4869 in the capsule should be a familiar example)

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of course, first of all, the capsule is convenient in the expression of the work: it is not only easy to draw, but also easy to identify, and it will make people contact "medicine" immediately, but from the point of view of preparation, it is understandable that the "mysterious forbidden drug" is contained in the capsule.

the active ingredients of

drugs are some chemicals, but we usually don't take them directly with pure active ingredients, because it's inconvenient and the dose is difficult to control. What's more, some drugs require a dose of only a few milligrams at a time. If you take it directly in your hand, you may not be able to find it. Therefore, general drugs have to be made into different types of preparations before they can be used by human beings. Here we only discuss the part of ordinary oral dosage forms.

the two most common oral dosage forms are tablets and capsules, which have the advantage of being convenient to take and keep, and ensuring the accuracy of each dose. And other actually also have oral liquid preparation, granule, effervescent tablets and so on, these are relatively not so convenient to use. For example, you have to look at the liquid carefully to ensure that the dose is accurate, while both granules and effervescent tablets need to be added to the water and dispersed before drinking. Of course, these latter kinds also have their own advantages, such as convenient for children to take, but they are not suitable for the "mysterious banned drugs" in film and television works. For example, I recently saw that people in Fanli need to take medicine immediately in order to avoid going wild, and people like APTX-4869 have to give it to others, so it is very important to take and carry it conveniently.

therefore, the oral dosage form should be mainly locked on capsules and tablets. As for why it is not a pill, there is also a good reason: the production of capsules is more convenient than pills.

the convenience of production is reflected in several aspects:

① tablets need a tablet press to make, but the capsule is easy to fill by hand. Of course, this is not an advantage in mass production, but what is shown in the film is a secret research "forbidden drug", which should be in the experimental stage, with only a small amount of production, when filling capsules will be faster.

the preparation of ② tablets is more complicated. In fact, a tablet is a more complex dosage form than a capsule, and there is an interesting contradiction in it: you have to press the various ingredients tightly together in order to be easy to carry and take, but after they are eaten, they need to be dispersed quickly to dissolve and absorb quickly, without delaying the effect. Therefore, more excipients are needed in the tablets to achieve these effects.

for example, tablets generally need something called "disintegrating agent", which is easy to absorb water and expand, and the tablets that are taken will spread quickly. If the excipients are not suitable, the effect of the tablets is more likely to be affected. As mentioned above, the fictional banned drugs in the film often have an immediate effect (or toxicity). If the drug is released too slowly because the preparation process is not good, wouldn't it be very embarrassing.

(ordinary tablets will quickly disperse into a large lump in water, which is not very good-looking, but it is actually very important for releasing drug ingredients, and the surface area is large enough to promote dissolution and absorption)

while the capsule does not need to worry much. The capsule shell can be filled with loose powder /small particles directly, while ensuring the convenience of carrying. After eating, the capsule shell melts quickly, and the tiny particles are directly released inside, and there is no obstacle to drug release. Therefore, the capsule needs less excipients, which is more convenient. To sum up, I think it is very reasonable to see the capsule in these films. (: capsule "∠) _

but! There is also a problem with capsules, which is that dry swallowing is harder to swallow than pills. Can you inject others to make sure they don't stick to the esophagus

in fact, if you don't consider the trouble of giving birth, I suggest you change them to oral disintegrating tablets, so that you don't need to drink water and take effect quickly (what).

PS: if you think the pharynx medicine is difficult, you can try the principle of lowering the head of the pharynx capsule and raising the head of the pharynx tablet. The capsule is relatively light and easy to float on it, so it is difficult to raise your head at this time.

and PS: the old fan I saw was the Holy Soul of the Goddess.