You don't want to look at the screen anymore? This pair of glasses can help you block it.
You don't want to look at the screen anymore? This pair of glasses can help you block it.
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it is undeniable that modern urbanites spend too much time with screens in their lives. You may have to look at the computer screen for eight hours at work, and you may still stare at the screen of the computer, mobile phone and TV when you are entertaining. it is not easy to go for a walk, and so can the display screens in the streets and shops....

there's nothing wrong with living this way, but what if someone suddenly gets tired of electronic screens? It's easier to turn off your computer and leave your phone alone, but it's not so easy if you want to block all the electronic screens in your line of sight.

engineer Scott Blew came up with the idea of "making all screens disappear." to achieve this idea, he and artist Ivan Cash launched a riddle product on crowdfunding site Kickstarter: glasses designed to block electronic screens.

(photo source: IRL GLASSES)

with these glasses, everything else can still be seen, but once you look at the LED/LCD screen, you will only feel dark in front of your eyes.


Sports match? Journalism? Advertisements that are too distracting? It doesn't matter, it all goes away.

(photo source: IRL GLASSES)

so how do these glasses work? It is said that Blew got the screen shield from a company called Steelcase. The company originally intended to use these films to protect the company's information security, such as conference rooms with transparent glass walls. What he did next was simple: he combined the film with some ordinary sunglasses.

in the WIRED report, the company did not disclose the details of the shielding films, but vaguely said that the films "block light from the wavelength of the LED/LCD screen." However, there is a clue to a different version on the glasses crowdfunding page: they mentioned "polarization optics" and put a moving picture of turning the polarizer in front of the screen.

(photo source: IRL GLASSES)

so is this a pair of glasses with a polarizing film, but the polarization direction is different from that of ordinary polarized sunglasses? _ (: ∠) _

I accidentally saw the report of this thing on WIRED the other day. I thought it was a bit interesting, but it was also quite mysterious, so I wanted to share it. It feels like it's not really practical, and the introduction page says that the current version doesn't work on OLED screens. The artist also said that this product is more like conveying a concept. If you really only use the polarizer, you may be able to play by yourself _ (: polarization) ∠) _

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