You don't need paint to get a red egg!
You don't need paint to get a red egg!
Fluorescence in life ~

Easter is just around the corner. Although this holiday is not passed by many people in China, it also provides a good opportunity to teach a little about eggs.

the most interesting activity at Easter is making colored eggs, which are usually dyed into colorful shells with natural or artificial pigments. In fact, very brightly colored red eggs can be observed even without any extra dye-just shine on them with an ultraviolet light.

(picture from: Compound interest. (the following is what it looks like under ultraviolet light)

this red fluorescence phenomenon appears on eggs with a brown shell. The source of the color and fluorescence of this eggshell is a substance called protoporphyrin IX (protoporphyrin IX). Its chemical structure is as follows:

the structure of the porphyrin ring may look familiar to you. In fact, it is a precursor of hemoglobin, and when iron is bound to the middle of the ring, it can become an important part of heme B.

in addition to protoporphyrin, biliverdin is also a pigment that often appears on bird eggshells, which can give eggshells a turquoise color.

reference source:

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