Would you like a virtual cocktail?
Would you like a virtual cocktail?
A dreamy color and pleasant aroma of "cocktail", in fact, the only ingredients in the cup is water?

A glass of "cocktail" with dreamy color and pleasant aroma actually contains only water.

the mystery is all on this cup. It is called "Vocktail", and the name comes from "virtual cocktail", which is a virtual cocktail. This device can provide people with three aspects of virtual sensory experience: vision, smell and taste. Through these artificial sensory experiences, people will feel as if they are really drinking a drink with a special taste.

first of all, the visual part is relatively simple, just use a variety of led to illuminate the drink, make it look as if it has color. This may not sound interesting, but the color of food and drink can affect people's tasting experience.

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then comes the sense of taste, which is partly achieved by electrical stimulation. A silver electrode is installed at the edge of the cup, which can electrically stimulate the tasters' tongue tips in different modes, which can produce different taste simulation experiences. For example, when trying to simulate sour taste, the researchers used a pulse current of 180 μ A.

finally, the sense of smell. There is no doubt that it is difficult to fully "virtualize" the sense of smell, which corresponds to complex chemicals and receptors. As a result, "virtual cocktails" provide tasters with some real aroma: the aroma substances will be blown to the tasters' nose under the action of a miniature air pump.

the various parts of the "virtual cocktail" cup:

this "virtual cocktail" cup also has a matching app, which can be adjusted between several color, flavor and flavor modes.

this is a new idea of researcher Nimesha Ranasinghe. Before that, the researcher at the National University of Singapore had been trying to deceive people's senses, such as how to simulate taste with different electrical stimuli. This time, he combines the three senses to create a richer virtual tasting experience. Of course, the current combination model is not as rich as real drinks.

since the real drink is delicious, why make a "virtual drink"? On the one hand, it is for health reasons, hoping to help people retain the wonderful experience of the tip of the tongue while eating less real sugar or salt. Of course, if you can really simulate a very rich virtual experience, you can also create more fun: for example, to enrich the virtual real world, or to freely match taste combinations that are rare in real ingredients.

A completely virtual "cocktail" (there is no wine in it). I don't know what it will taste like.

here is a short introduction video:

Source: https://www.newscientist.com/article/2152409-virtual-cocktails-hijack-your-senses-to-turn-water-into-wine/