Work hard for an hour, comfortable for two seconds: make a flying ice cream stick.
Work hard for an hour, comfortable for two seconds: make a flying ice cream stick.
A pleasant and patient activity

this is a domino-like Mini Game: fasten a large number of popsicle sticks together according to a certain rule, and then remove the last one used for fixing (you can also press and release them directly with your hand). You can enjoy the process as they fly apart:

the principle of this thing is very simple, which is to tie the sticks together so that they just get stuck, while creating tension in the structure at the same time. When one is removed, the force balance of the structure is destroyed and the whole structure will be scattered. Like dominoes, ice cream stick structures can be made on a very large scale or combined with other transmission mechanisms. It is very comfortable to watch them fly away.

the structure of this "explosive popsicle bar" has many different production methods, and generally speaking, the operation is not difficult to learn, just remember the position order, and then repeat it in turn. However, this is also an activity that requires great patience, and all previous efforts may be wasted if you are not careful. If you want to make a long structure, you need to have sufficient time and psychological preparation _ (: ice "∠) _

below to introduce two construction methods of popsicle stick structure ~

to avoid hitting the eye, it is recommended to wear goggles

① Cobra Weave

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this type is a very common basic style, and the effect of popsicle flying is quite good (the first dynamic picture above is). However, the popsicle stick can play higher means that the tension of the system is very high, the production process must use the momentum of the coffin plate to press it hard (feed). I will put a heavy object on each piece in the production, so that even if I miss, I will not lose all the parts I have done before.

the making method is as follows:

first place two starting popsicle bars (pay attention to the stacking relationship):

then start to attach the new popsicle bars alternately from left to right. From this point of view in the picture, the principle is to first go under the first one near the bottom, and then press it on the top of the second one above:

next, as long as you continue to overlap according to the law of going down first and then going up. You can make a long chain:

if you need to finish, you can attach a popsicle stick to the following picture to block the last one (in fact, I step on it directly with my foot. ). As long as the last one is removed, the whole structure will fall apart.

② CleverLevers

this is actually a small lever held by a leather band, which retracts when loosened will cause the ice cream stick above to bounce up. Personally, I prefer this method, because the tightness of the belt is adjustable, and it will be easier to build if it is loosened a little bit (no need to press the coffin board. If you tighten it a little bit, you can play higher. And the operation of the construction is also easy to remember. But the slight hassle is to prepare three kinds of props, in addition to the ice cream stick, you need a highly suitable support (such as a domino or building block of the same size, I use a small paper cup), and a rubber band.

the building method can basically be understood by looking at the picture: take two ice cream sticks, clip the support near one side in the middle, and then put a leather band on the end (to be able to keep the leather band tight, the specific tightness can be adjusted by the height of the support). After making two such units, carefully insert the open end of the second between the two ice cream bars of the first, and then repeat the process.

attach an effect I have done:

there are actually many different building methods. If you are interested, you can search for "popsicle chain reaction". There should be many tutorials. All that is left is the time to test patience _ (: patience "∠) _