With Ken X paper buckets making wings, this plane can still fly?
With Ken X paper buckets making wings, this plane can still fly?
I can fly, but it's not easy to fly.

DIY model airplanes are no stranger to everyone, but have you ever seen a model airplane that looks like this:

what are the wings made of? You read it right, it's Ken X-based family bucket.

this is the paper bucket:

(Wang Xingren means mdzz... )

how can this fly? Don't worry, people fly well and can be remotely controlled:

so why can cylindrical wings hold up a model plane?

to be exact, only when they rotate in the right direction. This is actually the same as the spinning ball in the air to draw an arc, it all comes from the Magnus effect.

when the rotation angular velocity vector of a rotating object does not coincide with the object flight velocity vector, a transverse force will be generated in the direction perpendicular to the plane composed of the rotation angular velocity vector and the moving velocity vector. The source of the transverse force is the pressure difference between the two sides of the ball. The rotation of the ball drives the surrounding fluid (air), resulting in a difference in velocity on both sides, and according to the Bernoulli equation, as soon as the velocity changes, the pressure changes.

the following is a diagram on the wiki, and I turned it around:

here the cylinder moves horizontally to the left, turns clockwise from here, and then produces an upward force that lifts the plane. The remote control plane also has propellers to drive horizontal movement.

here is a more simplified version:

but it all makes sense, but it's not that easy to succeed.

in fact, the family bucket plane has experienced N failures and improvements. There are all kinds of upside down along the way, all kinds of parts are dropped, and even the paper bucket is stuck.

the following is a collection of pictures of the crash.

(it's easy to pretend to be forced. )

this magical DIY work comes from: PeterSripol

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