With an easy spray, turn everything into a touch screen!
With an easy spray, turn everything into a touch screen!
Do you want a trackpad with a whole wall?

look at the electric guitar in the picture below. How does it feel different?

the answer is, the panel of this guitar is touch! As long as you click and stroke, you can switch all kinds of effects at will.

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this guitar uses a technology developed by the School of Human-computer interaction at Carnegie Mellon University, called Electrick. In this way, almost any surface can be turned into a touch panel by spraying a layer of conductive paint and then connecting the inductive electrode.

the production process is like this:

A whole wall can be turned into a touch screen! A poke can light the lamp, and a stroke can also adjust the brightness of the bulb:

it doesn't matter even if it's a rugged, completely irregular object. The jelly brain model has also become tactile, and with a poke, it can show the corresponding brain areas:

this freewheeling touch panel can achieve a lot of functions as long as you make some pre-settings. For example, add some real "desktop icons" to your desktop!

Electrick can detect finger touch sites and track continuous touch paths. How do you do that? A number of electrodes are connected to the edge of the touch area, one pair of electrodes will introduce a weak current into the conductive layer, and the rest will measure the voltage between each pair of electrodes. When the hand touches the surface, the local voltage changes and the contact site can be detected. Convert different electrode combinations for measurement, multi-layer superimposed to form a grid-like measurement system, and finally locate the position of the finger touch.

compared with the existing touch screen technology, this thing is quite cheap, and it uses all the materials already on the market, and it is more convenient to operate.

with Electrick, don't you even save money on game consoles and how cool you want your DIY to be?

3D print a small drum, spray paint, sound play:

however, it also has its own disadvantages: big error. Compared with the smart devices in our hands, the positioning accuracy of this thing is still far worse.

however, this sprayed trackpad can be used wherever you want, and it can still achieve many new functions, and it feels quite cool.

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