Why does the ketchup in the glass bottle always mess with you?
Why does the ketchup in the glass bottle always mess with you?
And how to pour them out scientifically.

for a long time, pouring ketchup was an annoyance on the dinner table.

Henry J. Heinz founded the glorious tradition of selling ketchup in transparent glass bottles in 1876, which is said to show the purity and impurity-free characteristics of their products.

it's true that transparent glass bottles and bright red ketchup look good, but they're not easy to use: pouring ketchup from a glass bottle is always a hassle, especially when there's not much left in the bottle. Pour it gently, the ketchup in the bottle won't come out all the time, give it a hard pat, and a big pile will come out, and it may even spill on your clothes.

(the scene is collapsing)

Why is this happening? It actually has something to do with the physical properties of ketchup. Ketchup can be seen as a non-Newtonian fluid (or a soft solid). Contrary to the mixture of corn starch and water, ketchup has the property of shear thinning. When it is under little stress, it stays thick and even feels more like a soft solid, but when it is stressed enough, its viscosity decreases and its fluidity suddenly improves. As a result, when you shoot hard, it will be tragic.

so how to pour ketchup in a glass bottle is scientific? Some suggestions from Dr Anthony Stickland, who studies rheology of soft solids, can be found on the University of Melbourne's website.

to put it simply, there are three main steps:

① shake before shaking

shake the dispersed solids in the ketchup evenly, of course, close the lid.

when there are not many sauces left in the bottle, it takes a lot of force to get them from the bottom to the mouth of the bottle, which makes it flow too fast. So, you can keep the lid under the lid and turn the bottle upside down and get the ketchup near the mouth of the bottle.

③ dump carefully

next is the dumping step. The point is not to move too hard-it does take effort to make the ketchup flow, but not too much. You can open the cap of the bottle first and tilt the bottle slowly from the upright position. If there is enough sauce in the bottle, it may just be enough to tilt, powered by the gravity of the ketchup in the bottle. If you can't pour it out just by tilting it, tilt 45 degrees and gently pat the bottom of the bottle until the ketchup flows smoothly. In short, keep in mind that this product will automatically dilute during the slap, so don't try so hard.

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of course, now we can completely abandon the glass bottle, the anti-human ketchup package. What a nice soft plastic bottle you can squeeze! What a nice bag! ╯ '□' ╯ plastic ┻━┻

(you see, both sandwich shops and hot dog shops use this kind of kneadable plastic bottle, so it's not very convenient to control the amount)

of course, I like the following bottle very much, although the cost may be high:

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