Why does "smile" look so "hehe"?
Why does "smile" look so "hehe"?
I'm not a good person when I see this look. Why is that?

now, the "smile" on Wechat can probably be regarded as a very uncomfortable expression. Its official definition is "smile", but in the minds of many people, it means "hehe", "walk slowly" and "I'll just watch you pretend to push".

A smile is supposed to be an expression of friendly and positive emotions, but why is this emoji unpopular? This can be explained by its eyes.

A sincere smile is not just a rise in the corners of the mouth. Guillaume-Benjamin-Amand Duchenne, a 19th-century neuroscientist, found that a cold fake smile is often limited to mouth movements, while a genuinely friendly smile also includes the movement of muscles around the eyes. This kind of sincere smile is therefore called du Xing smile.

on the left is an example of du Xing's smile:

follow-up studies have found that du Xing's smile is indeed associated with more positive emotions, and researchers still use eye movement as an important criterion for emotional judgment.

next, let's take a look at this "smile" expression, its eyes are not smiling at all:

(smile and sad, eyes are basically the same …... And the direction of the eyes is also quite strange)

but also smiling faces, the following curved eye expressions look much more pleasing to the eye:

emoji small expressions now play a more and more role in people's communication, and design problems may also lead to misunderstandings in expression communication. Have you ever encountered any misunderstandings caused by facial expressions? Welcome to comment and exchange.

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