Where does the smell of the sea come from?
Where does the smell of the sea come from?
Sea breeze, the smell of summer ~

Summer is a good time to go to the seaside, blowing a damp sea breeze and smelling some "smell of the sea". How did the unique smell of the seaside come from?

to have a smell, there are naturally small molecules that are easy to volatilize. Here, "seafood" is mainly made up of some small molecular sulfur compounds.

it is generally believed that a compound that plays a key role in the smell of the sea is dimethyl sulfide (DMS), a small molecule with two methyl groups attached to its sulfur atom. This odor molecule is generally derived from the degradation product of dimethylmercaptopropionic acid (DMSP). The latter is a chemical that often occurs in marine phytoplankton and algae. Algae 'own enzymes and bacteria can break it down to produce dimethyl sulfide. In addition to producing odors, dimethyl sulfide entering the atmosphere in the form of aerosols is also considered to have a certain impact on the climate.

in addition to dimethyl sulfide, marine odorant substances also include hydrogen sulfide produced by the degradation of sulfur-containing organic compounds. High concentrations of hydrogen sulfide are toxic, but some of the concentrations produced by natural degradation are low, which means it just smells bad.

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