Where does the smell of garlic come from?
Where does the smell of garlic come from?
Of course, it is the unique flavor of sulfur compounds (

after eating garlic for a moment, the breath problem will inevitably be disliked. What chemicals are at work behind the smell of garlic?

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overall, garlic's unique pungent irritation and odor come from a range of allyl sulfur compounds. Allicin is probably one of the most famous compounds. Its chemical structure is as follows:

the whole clove of garlic can hardly smell anything, but once cut and crushed, the smell will become stronger. For plants, the production of irritating "garlic-flavored substances" is also a defense process, these substances have antibacterial, antifungal effects, but also can produce irritation to animals that eat it. When the cells of garlic are destroyed, alliinase (allinase) decomposes alliin and converts it into allicin after several steps. The smell of fresh garlic comes mainly from allicin.

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(alliin, the source of garlic flavor substance)

and the residual breath after eating garlic will smell a little different from that of fresh raw garlic. This is because the resulting sulfur compounds are unstable and will continue to be decomposed and converted later. Some studies have specifically analyzed the chemical composition behind "garlic breath" (there is more than one, very powerful _ (: garlic "∠) _). The method of the study was to find volunteers to eat a few grams of garlic, then collect the gas they exhaled and separate various compounds by gas chromatography. It is found that the sulfur compounds in garlic breath include: methyl allyl sulfide, allyl methyl disulfide, allyl mercaptan, diallyl disulfide. Among them, methyl allyl sulfide is said to decompose most slowly in the human body, so it is also fragrant in "garlic breath". (the most durable substance.

(methyl allyl sulfide, after eating garlic, you can blame it for its intoxicating smell. )

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