When the mice were suffocated by hypoxia, these ugly little guys were still talking and laughing.
When the mice were suffocated by hypoxia, these ugly little guys were still talking and laughing.
It can be said that he is an unattractive superpower.

the Heterocephalus glaber has been introduced before. under its unique (ugly) appearance, the legend of this small animal is innumerable: it lives longer than other rodents, has almost no cancer, has an extraordinary tolerance to pain, and is one of the few truly social mammals. (true sociality is that, like ants and bees, reproduction is only responsible for a small number of individuals in the population, and most individuals are only responsible for carrying bricks.)

in addition, it has another "superpower"-- especially good at fighting hypoxia. These little guys usually live in groups underground, and their bodies are also well adapted to this living environment, especially tolerant of low oxygen content and high carbon dioxide concentration. You know, both of these are actually very deadly. In general, cutting off the oxygen supply for a few minutes is enough to cause irreversible brain damage, and high concentrations of carbon dioxide can easily cause acidosis.

how strong is the hypoxia tolerance of nude mice? Some researchers conducted experiments and found that in an environment with only 5% oxygen (normal air oxygen content is about 21%), naked shore mice could stay calm for at least 5 hours, while mice that were also rodents died in less than 15 minutes.

in a completely oxygen-free environment (only nitrogen), the nude mice lost consciousness for 18 minutes and recovered after returning to the aerobic environment, and then there seemed to be no abnormal behavior. The mice in the control group were completely hopeless in less than a minute.

(is it good)

Why are these ugly little guys so good? In addition to reducing energy consumption, scientists have found a special clue: they have unique metabolic patterns. During hypoxia, they rely more on metabolizing fructose to provide energy, which has its own advantage in efficiency.

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understanding the survival of nude mice may also help the development of medicine. After all, longevity and anti-hypoxia damage are very attractive.

I don't want to talk about it here. People who have studied biochemistry know that glucose metabolism looks like a headache, and talking about it is even more painful. The findings mentioned here are all from a recent paper in Science. If you are interested, you can learn more about http://science.sciencemag.org/content/356/6335/307

. But in short, people who know me know that I like naked mice very much, and I can't miss this opportunity to post it!

it's really super cute. If you watch too much, you will fall in love with _ (: reading "∠) _