When do we act? African dingo said: cast a spray vote first!
When do we act? African dingo said: cast a spray vote first!
When you want to act with your buddies, you may make a phone call and have a small meeting, while they choose: sneeze

when you want to act with your partners, you may make a phone call, have a small meeting, or have a group discussion.

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to be exact, this is not the kind of sneeze in the human world. It is not a cold or irritated response, and the sound is not quite the same. Some reports describe it as more like a sneeze without a sneeze. The sound that rushes out of the air from the nose is an important signal when African wild dogs set out to hunt.

African dingo is a very social animal, and their prey depends on teamwork. Therefore, it is very important to coordinate the opinions within the team before leaving. The researchers observed that African wild dogs always sneeze before going hunting, and the more they sneeze, the more likely the whole group is to act. So the researchers speculated that it might be a voting system: if you agree to act now, sneeze and we'll go when everyone is ready.

however, the success of this "vote" does not depend entirely on the number of sneezes, and the status of the member who initiated the "sneeze vote" is also important. For example, if the dominant member initiates a "vote", it may only need to receive three sneezes, while if it is a low-status member, it may need to receive 10 sneezes to achieve the same effect.

at present, the role of these sneezes is not completely determined. The researchers point out that sneezing may also play a role, such as helping African wild dogs clean their nose, making them breathe more easily and have a better sense of smell when they hunt. However, given the link between the number of sneezes and group decision-making, it is also likely to be a way of soliciting opinions.

would you like to go together? First sneeze ~

finally listen to their sneeze (maybe you need to turn it up a little bit):

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