When a scientific project turns into a magic dance
When a scientific project turns into a magic dance
To express a scientific process, you can write articles, draw cartoons, and dance! (magic video and motion pictures are included = w =)

is still worrying about how to explain his scientific research direction to others. Someone else's PhD has already jumped it out!

there is a magical dance competition in the world called "Dance Your Ph.D." it is sponsored by Science (the journal). The theme is to invite doctoral and doctoral students from various places to present their research projects in the form of dance. Every year, the contestants will award the champions in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and social sciences, as well as the overall champion ~

among these entries, there are not only elegant literary dance, but also fat and joyful. The list of this year's winners was announced some time ago, among which this year's chemical dance champion painting style is particularly magic. This is a process of studying the "suicide attack" of immune PhD hot jump neutrophils. As for the painting style, you can feel it by taking a look at the screenshot below.

Dress in the stylish red prom dresses and bring out your body figure clearly. This is the perfect place for your stunning collection!

but although the style is magic, it is still a very serious research topic. What is shown here is the "ultimate trick" of white blood cells against infection-neutrophil extracellular trap (Neutrophil Extracellular Traps,NETs, abbreviated as "net"). This is a very heroic process, a process of suicidal attack by neutrophils (the largest number of white blood cells). When this process is activated, neutrophils "explode", releasing their own lethal enzymes and genetic material, which are used to form a "Skynet" to capture and kill bacteria.

not only that, it is also associated with non-infectious diseases. For example, in autoimmune diseases, the suicide attack of neutrophils may be mistakenly activated, which can also cause damage to the body's own tissue.

below you can enjoy the full video with commentary

several other award-winning works this year:

Social Sciences (also a champion)

this dance discusses how to formulate effective water conservation policies (but also quite magical …... )


explore the application of multiphoton states in quantum information (\ "Exploring multi-photon states for quantum information applications\", a very artistic work)

the duet represents a pair of photons

the biological field

expresses the properties of Tropoelastin and cell interaction

if you are interested in participating in next year's competition, you can follow here: http://gonzolabs.org/dance/

feels that PhD is also very cute.