When a geologist walks into the kitchen from the wild, see how amazing the work is!
When a geologist walks into the kitchen from the wild, see how amazing the work is!
Rock formations and fossils, they are so delicious

(warm Tip: when watching this article, you may feel suddenly hungry, but you may also suddenly lose your appetite for cake.

there is a folk saying: "there are three evils in the wild: wild boar, bear and geological team."

in the eyes of many people, geologists seem to be gray-faced freaks with a hammer in their hands and a strange light in their eyes at the sight of a stone. But in fact, geologists are a group of imaginative guys: they can turn fossils, the earth and even themselves out of the wild into cakes!

(Hannah Moss-Daviesu200f 's stratum cake)

not only that, geologists even have their own cake contest!

the competition, hosted by the Royal Geological Society of London, UK, has been held for several times since 2014. Contestants will use cakes to show geological, paleontological and even astronomical phenomena.

where did this unprofessional competition come from? The cause is this: there is a little geological sister named Catherine Kenny. One day when she was having breakfast, she suddenly found that the breakfast cereal circle and the sea lily fossils I studied looked like ah! The comparison picture is ↓

(the picture on the right is those fossils. The sea lilies here are echinoderms that lived about 500 million years ago. However, the onlookers said that this is not like … -_-|)

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so the little sister foodie came up with the idea of making a geological-themed cake. She posted her Silurian fossil cake on the Geological Society's website and gave detailed tutorials. The work looks like this:

(in the lower left corner is a cute trilobite, which I have to say is quite similar. The other things that look like washboards on other cupcakes are brachiopods, an ancient creature with a shell. And the little circles are the sea lily stems. It should look good)

as a result, the Geological Society of London also likes the idea. They decided to go one step further and launch a baking contest in the geological community! As a result, the little experts who came out of the kitchen in the wild have contributed their works:

the whole earth!

from: Pinar

the surface of the earth, the shape of the land is very fine ↓ (etc., has Hainan Island been eaten ⊙ island ⊙? )

after the incision, there is also the internal structure of the earth: the upper mantle, the lower mantle and the core. Each floor looks delicious! ↓

stratum cake

from Alexandra Booer

the stratum is formed by sediments (sand, clay, etc.) precipitated in water for hundreds of millions of years. It's most like a cake!

White stones are like thick cream and black ones are chocolates-geologists often drool over stones in the wild.

Mid-Ocean Ridge Cake

comes from Liz laycock

Mid-Ocean Ridge is a crustal fissure at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. From here, mantle magma flows into the surface and meets the rapid solidification of sea water.

it is worth mentioning that the author also uses the cake to show the "magnetic anomaly bands", which are the deep and shallow parts of the picture.

the ferromagnetic minerals in the magma record the direction of the geomagnetic field at some point in the process of condensation, because the geomagnetic field has been reversed many times in the earth's history, and the magma gushing and solidifying at the same time recorded the geomagnetic field at that time, forming such a strip.

Core cake

from Jenn Cugnet

the core is a rock sample taken from the ground. By drilling a "well" in the ground, the researchers removed the columnar core like the one below (photo from the American Gold Mining Company). And the picture above is the core cake.

the cake is quite restored, but this color …... There seems to be no appetite.

Rock slice cake

from Becky Bennion

when geologists study rocks, they often need to grind the stone into flakes of a few millimeters or even thinner and observe its structure under a microscope. The cake was inspired by the discovery under the microscope.

the picture on the right shows what Ruth Siddall's limestone looks like under a microscope. These spherical particles, called oolites, are formed by the rolling of small particles in the sediment. However, this version on the cake. Are you sure it's not a fecal globule? Fecal pellets are common small particles of organic matter in limestone, not necessarily paleontological feces.

the daily life of true geological dogs

from Mike Farrington

shows the beautiful daily life of geologists with super-invincible master dogs. It vividly reproduces the field work scene. On the right is the true geologist Darkroom Daze.

kneel to the stupid data!

from Leannes Hughes

this cake shows the scene of groundwater quality detection. Do you have to wear white pants to the right of the USGS?

dig a hole

from Jake Walker

this schoolmate isI dug a "hole" for my 18th birthday. This kind of pit is called exploration pit, but it is not deep and is used to collect soil samples (you can compare it with the physical picture from Travis on the right).

fossil fragments cake

from Liam Herringshaw

digging fossils may be the most popular part of the masses. How about putting chocolate fossil fragments on the cake?

but to be honest, the mysterious color matching cake on the left still seems difficult to associate with delicacy.

if you can make the cake like this on the right, it will look much better. On the right are trilobite fossils and some fossil fragments from the Black Country museum collection in the United Kingdom. However, I would be reluctant to eat like this. )

double Spinosaurus Cake

this is a double Spinosaurus cake from an unknown contributor, who also appeared in the movie Jurassic Park.

it's cool to just look at the fossil photo in Wikipedia on the right, but the one on the left is so stupid (Dipterosaurus: I'm not that stupid! ).

Little Dinosaur Muffin Cake

from Sarah Day

this is very cute and not big, so I decided to eat it during the tea break during the meeting!

Dinosaurs come out of a big collection of broken shells

Dinosaurs are really the most popular theme. As soon as they come out, these little dinosaurs are so ugly and cute that people seem to dig them up and eat them all!

Mars cake

from Liz Laycock

some people even turned their eyes to the whole universe and made this Mars cake. Not only does the internal structure of Mars perform well, but there is also a Curiosity rover on it.

after reading the brains of so many geologists, which one do you like best? Do you want to make a cake for your subject?

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