What would it be like if those big scientists had logo?
What would it be like if those big scientists had logo?
Come on, look at the picture and recognize the person.

Today I'd like to introduce you to a series of pictures from the circumferential Institute of theoretical Physics (Perimeter Institute) for famous physicists (but I think some of them are mathematicians. ) designed by logo, there are currently 54 pictures in this series.

Let's start with a summary chart, so you can identify who is in it:

below I will pick some to introduce. The answer to the full version is to read the link to the original text ~

1. Newton

the law of gravity and the story of Apple are familiar to everyone. But in fact, this story is more of a legend, and Apple may not have played an important enlightening role in Newton's work.

2. Schrodinger

Schrodinger's cat, this scientific icon, which is also widely spread in popular culture, is the thought experiment on quantum mechanics put forward by Schrodinger. However, my more impression of Schrodinger comes from the feeling that I have not really learned the Schrodinger equation _ (: ∠ "Schrodinger)

Pauli incompatibility principle is his important contribution. Two electrons in the same atomic orbit must have opposite spin directions, which can be expressed by ↑↓.

4. Kepler

astronomers and mathematicians, the best known achievement is Kepler's law.

5. Roentgen

discovered x-ray

6. Pascal

French theologian, philosopher, mathematician, physicist, chemist, musician, educator and meteorologist Blaize Pascal is also the origin of the pressure unit.

7. Feynman

American theoretical physicist Richard Feynman, who is handsome and interesting, is quite popular among physicists. What is drawn here is a Feynman diagram, a visual representation of the interaction between particles.

8. Ohm

remember Ohm's law? Take the exam: P

9. Fourier

Joseph Fourier, a French mathematician and physicist, is pictured with a Fourier transform named after him. The superposition of multiple sine and cosine waves can be used to approximate any original periodic function. This thing has many applications in physics and engineering.

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10. The Maxwell

figure shows the Maxwell\'s demon, a hypothetical little "monster" that detects and controls the motion of a single molecule. This was conceived by the British physicist Maxwell in 1871 to illustrate the possibility of violating the second law of thermodynamics.

guess the rest. The complete answer can be seen in the original link.