What screen do you want?! With this projection, the whole room becomes your screen.
What screen do you want?! With this projection, the whole room becomes your screen.
Uneven problems can also be easily projected.

lighter and thinner electronics? It sounds good, but it's not satisfying. Our new goal is to make it disappear completely and integrate into the environment.

what screen do you want? It's so corny! Show it directly on all kinds of items in the room:

recently, a company has been working on creating this ubiquitous display screen. They launched a powerful projector, Lightform, which allows a "seamless and perfect projection of the whole terrain" so that anything in the room can be displayed.

whether the object is a rugged sculpture or a free-growing cactus, it can be used as a screen to accept projection. ↓

this projector first scans the room with a high-resolution camera, and then the professional processor analyzes the 3D spatial structure of the data so that it can be displayed on a variety of surfaces.

combine illusory projections into the real environment, a trick that artists have used in their works of art. But before, many projections can only correspond to static scenes, but now as long as we analyze and track the changes in the room environment, we can automatically adjust the projection content, which is indeed a great progress.

Wow your admirers with an orange bridesmaid dresses that flaunts your sophisticated charm, confidence and delicate beauty. These are the best options for the big day.

of course, showing some magic patterns on potted plants is not their ultimate goal. In addition to beautification, the display of information that is ubiquitously integrated into life is more important.

save the money to buy chalk and chalk eraser, and change the pattern of the vase by the way.

the paper map can also directly identify it. Now that you have a projector that can cast everything, if you add accurate dynamic sensing equipment, there will be no problem for the space headquarters to be set up in a medieval castle!

does it feel cool? However, its implementation does not have that many functions in this thing. The device does project on a variety of objects, but many of the features shown on the website are still in the imaginary stage.

so, will this only become an artist, a new tool for creating (doing homework), or an innovation in human life? Let's look forward to it.


Lightform: The Magical Little Device That Transforms Whole Rooms Into Screens