What is "water that won't get wet"?
What is "water that won't get wet"?
One thing I learned from the sand sculpture video...

A vision band I followed yesterday uploaded a new sand sculpture video (don't ask me what's going on, I don't bother to explain …... Anyway, it's a sand sculpture video on the tubing _ (: sand "∠) _), and I see a honey operation that I haven't seen before: playing a prank with" water that won't get wet ".

to put it simply, they got a transparent liquid called "non-wet water", put it in a beverage bottle, and then secretly poured it on someone else's head (or, on their own head = = |).

if it is real water, it should be easy to soak the hair and break the hair, while the non-wet water just seems to flow down the surface of the hair, and the hair really doesn't get wet.

the same thing appears in other tubing videos:

so I'm a little curious: what on earth is "water that won't get wet"? The original packaging of this thing actually appears in the


you can see it very clearly here. This is a 3M product called Novec 7100 liquid. After searching, we found that its composition is methoxy 9-fluorobutane, that is to say, it is a liquid organic fluorine compound at room temperature, specifically a mixture of the following two molecules:

this thing is immiscible with water. it should not be as friendly to human hair as water, so it probably won't wet the hair.

so what exactly is this thing for? Take a look at this series of fluorinated liquid products can probably be used as solvents, cleaning agents, coolants, fire extinguishing agents and so on. They are relatively safe, do not burn, have less impact on the environment and do not destroy the ozone layer as HCFCs did in the past.

perhaps the most impressive use is immersion cooling, which can cool electronic hardware directly in it, which is much cooler than it looks on people's heads. (photo source: anandtech.com)

all in all, this is what I learned from the sand sculpture video this weekend. In addition, although the data I have found show that there is no obvious toxicity to people, it is not recommended to imitate such a sand sculpture.

(maybe no one is interested, but let me say this: the band mentioned at the beginning is called Jilong, the one with pink hair on the left is the bassist, and the green hair sand sculpture pouring liquid on the right is the guitarist's nine martial arts. They are all very interesting! All right, I'm done.)

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