What ingredient is hidden in the mood ring that will change color?
What ingredient is hidden in the mood ring that will change color?
In fact, you can think of this thing as a colorful thermometer with no readings.

the slightly mysterious trinket "mood ring" appeared on the market as early as the 1970s, and many stores still sell it. This kind of ring will change the color when worn on the finger, and the discoloration process is quite gorgeous.

(mood ring) that begins to change color when worn on a finger. (Anne Helmenstine)

although it has always been called a "mood ring", these rings actually reflect only one thing: the temperature of the surrounding environment. The key to the discoloration of the mood ring is the thermochromic materials that are encapsulated in a transparent shell. Specifically, it is a thermochromic liquid crystal material.

liquid crystal is a state between solid state and liquid state. In this state, although the molecules in liquid crystal materials are not arranged neatly as solid crystals, they are also more ordered than ordinary liquids. For example, molecules may be arranged in layers and have a certain directionality.

the mood ring uses cholesterol-type liquid crystal material, which has the property of changing color with temperature. The molecular structure of the liquid crystal is affected by temperature, and the wavelength of light reflected by the material changes accordingly, thus showing different colors. This process actually has nothing to do with "mood". Although emotion may indeed cause a slight change in body surface temperature, it is too wrong to deduce emotion from temperature. At best, it can only be entertained.

(mood ring) put on ice to cool down. (Anne Helmenstine)

in addition to liquid crystals, there are also some thermochromic materials that use chemical principles to change color by changing the chemical equilibrium and the structure of dye molecules. However, the discoloration of this material is usually just a switch between the two colors, and the response to temperature is not as sensitive as that of liquid crystal materials, and the discoloration effect is not so rich.

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if it really changes color with the mood, only the chameleon can do it. Reading the original article is about the principle of chameleon discoloration. I feel that I may have linked it several times. If you haven't read it, you can take a look at _ (: chameleon "∠) _