What does an earthquake on Mars sound like?
What does an earthquake on Mars sound like?
Insight's first Martian earthquake

on April 23, 2019, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory released a new video in which humans have the first chance to get a sense of what the "Martian earthquake" sounds like:

the raw data in this video was recorded by the Insight Mars rover. Different from previous probes, one of the important tasks of Insight is to detect earthquakes on Mars and analyze the geological structure of Mars through the detection results. The data, recorded on April 6, 2019, includes Martian surface airflow and vibrations caused by the probe's robotic arm, as well as a "more likely Martian earthquake" signal in the middle (details of which are still being studied). This is the first possible Martian earthquake recorded since Insight landed on Mars.

it is important to note that although this detects vibration, the vibration frequency of the original signal is not audible to the human ear . The audio here is actually accelerated.

Video Source: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

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