What do you play in the swimming pool? Let's look at the floating droplets.
What do you play in the swimming pool? Let's look at the floating droplets.
A relaxing swimming pool activity

I would like to give you a relaxing and pleasant swimming pool activity: when you are tired, you can take a look at the small droplets floating on the water.

this was taken by me on a small patch of stagnant water by the pool (iPhone slow motion photography), which can also be observed in the pool. The observation method is very simple. Pick up a little water with your hand and put it a few centimeters high from the surface to let it drip. in the process of splashing, you will have a chance to see some small droplets floating above the water and will not immediately blend into the water below. they can briefly float and glide on the water surface for a duration of hundreds of milliseconds, which can be seen more clearly in slow motion, but can be completely distinguished by the naked eye.

when water droplets fall on the water surface, or other droplets fall on the same liquid, the droplets do not necessarily blend in immediately. Sometimes, the small round droplets will float above the liquid surface first, staying for such a long time as to be visible to the naked eye. This phenomenon has been observed for a long time, and some scientists have carried out quantitative experiments on it. At present, a mainstream explanation for this phenomenon is that there is a thin air barrier between the floating droplets and the lower liquid surface, so the droplets can be suspended on the surface of the same liquid for a while without immediately merging in. However, some researchers have pointed out that this hypothesis is not consistent with some observed phenomena. There is also a view that the "barrier" that prevents immediate fusion is the surface layer of the liquid itself.

in addition to droplet suspension, it can be observed that droplets merge into the liquid surface, and then a new and smaller droplet is produced on the liquid surface, which may be repeated several times. The following is the process of multiple fusion of droplets I have photographed (still in slow motion):

how the droplets will merge, depending on a series of factors such as liquid viscosity, surface tension, air pressure, falling height, electric charge, and so on. In addition, droplets moving horizontally can stay above the water for longer than those that fall vertically (this is what I have observed). Some studies will be replaced with high viscosity silicone oil to do this experiment, so that the observation time is much easier.

my personal feeling is that it seems easy to successfully observe the droplets floating on the surface of the water in the swimming pool, which may be due to the difference of water, or simply because there is a lot of water in the pool, which is convenient to try over and over again. All in all, I highly recommend this swimming pool activity, as long as you don't drop your phone in the water.

reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3208511/

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