Weird Anniversary Day: have you ever heard of Dead Duck Day?
Weird Anniversary Day: have you ever heard of Dead Duck Day?
Miserable, no duck way...

June 5 is a special anniversary, on which the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, holds a commemorative event every year. What anniversary is

? The answer is Dead Duck Day (Dead Duck Day).

Yes, it is in memory of a duck who died on June 5, 1995. It crashed into the glass wall of the museum building and then hung up.

of course, this duck's unfortunate experience is much more than that. In fact, this duck is the victim of the first recorded homosexual rape of a green-headed duck . After the duck died, another male mallard rode on its corpse and began to mate forcefully for 75 minutes.

Museum curator Kees Moeliker witnessed the whole process of the incident, and finally couldn't watch it any longer. He came forward to interrupt the rape of the body and recovered the body of the victim. He recorded the whole process and wrote an academic report, for which he won the 2003 Ig Nobel Prize in Biology.

(this is the prisoner and the victim. It is not difficult to see that they are painted by logo on Duck Day. )

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after that, the Rotterdam Natural History Museum has a strange anniversary: dead Duck Day, dedicated to this unfortunate mallard duck. At the same time, the anniversary also hopes to remind people to pay attention to birds injured by artificial glass curtain walls.

since 2008, the commemoration of Dead Duck Day has been open to the public. Now, if you have the opportunity to go to the Natural History Museum of Rotterdam on this day, you can also participate. By 2017, this is the 22nd anniversary of the Dead Duck. Every year, the commemoration begins on time at 17:55 in the afternoon, which is when the poor duck hits the glass.

so, what commemorative activities do they have?

first of all, people will observe 10 seconds of silence in the place where the duck unfortunately died.

(see the white dot on the left, that's where the duck died. )

next we will discuss some new information about preventing birds from hitting the glass, as well as new animal raping corpses.

there is also a speech on Dead Duck Day brought by a special guest. This year, we invited a man named Henk Wolf. His special experience is that he was poked in the eye by a Fulica atra, and he published a book about it.

in addition, T-shirts for the anniversary of dead ducks will be displayed and sold, as well as a display of duck specimens.

(Dead Duck Commemorative T-shirt! )

(display of injured duck specimens, from the 2008 Dead Duck Day)

next (here is the highlight), after the commemoration is over, they will also go to a nearby Chinese restaurant called Taihu House to enjoy a duck meal. Of course, there is no doubt that this is in line with the theme. There are also dead ducks on the table _ (: duck "∠) _

but it would be too malicious to take pictures of leftover duck meat and duck specimens.

(this picture is from the 2016 Dead Duck Day dinner with Tsing Tao Beer drinking)

do you want to observe 10 seconds of silence for this rugged duck?

official website of Dead Duck Day: if

wants to know more, you can also watch Kees Moeliker's TED speech (with Chinese subtitles, but you need to climb over the wall):

reads the original text as a review of the duck rape incident _ (: duck "∠) _