Website recommendation: track the International Space Station!
Website recommendation: track the International Space Station!
Where is the International Space Station now and when can I see it?

the International Space Station, which circles the earth every 90 minutes, has previously talked about scientific research, demonstration experiments, or other fun things that astronauts do in it.

and in fact, if we look up at the sky at the right time, we also have a chance to see this man-made creature, which is bright enough for the naked eye to see.

because of reflecting sunlight, under the right conditions, the space station will look like a bright, fast-moving star (it can also feel like an airplane, but it moves faster than an airplane. and there are no flashing lights).

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so, when would you like to see it? On NASA's Spot the station, you can find out the right time to observe the flyby of the International Space Station around the world.

URL: here

can zoom the map, click to select the location, or directly search the place name to get the local space station observation timing forecast. If you are interested, you can find your own nearby.

the above will provide information such as the time when the International Space Station appeared and disappeared locally, the observed location and height, etc.

the location information of the International Space Station can also be obtained through websites such as heavens-above.

in addition, there is actually a live broadcast on the International Space Station, through which you can see the live video and the real-time location of the International Space Station on the map:

, but unfortunately, this live broadcast can not be seen without going over the wall. ), and the screen will be black from time to time (this is not because of the disconnection, but because the International Space Station has gone to the other side of the earth at night). It may be better to watch the recorded video sent by NASA directly.

what does the coffee cup in space look like?

astronauts are the best players! Those interesting things under zero gravity