Website recommendation: like the deep sea? Come here and see enough.
Website recommendation: like the deep sea? Come here and see enough.
The reality of deep-sea exploration

what is recommended today is the website of the NOAA Ocean Exploration Project, where there are many deep-sea exploration, deep-sea life pictures and video resources, and are still being updated. If you are interested in the ocean, you can come and have a look.

Web site:

Okeanos Explorer is a NOAA ship dedicated to ocean exploration. This time, scientists working here will allow specialized exploration robots to sink into the Mariana Trench to explore. It's so deep here that we knew very little about the ecological environment below.

this probe is also live on youtube. If it is convenient to watch, it is actually quite interesting to watch when it is boring. Live streaming can be found here: if it is not convenient for

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to watch live, you can also see many interesting video clips and pictures of marine life on the website at the beginning. For example, it looks like this:

A hard jellyfish of the genus Crossota looks like a jellyfish, but it doesn't fall into the category of jellyfish in the strict sense. Isn't it beautiful? it feels like it's made of CG.

A sea lily, it is said that the species may be Proisocrinus ruberrimus

sea basket (gorgonocephalid basket stars), an echinoderm

some kind of deep-sea lobster:

of course, other things can also be found on the seafloor, such as beer cans:

and canned luncheon meat.

you can also find more pictures, videos, and descriptions of exploration projects on the website.

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