Website recommendation: here, read the story of a molecule every month.
Website recommendation: here, read the story of a molecule every month.
The only obvious disadvantage of a website that introduces chemical molecules is ugliness.

I have also seen the recommendation of asking some popular science books and reading materials with questions before. Apart from classic books, there are actually many free resources that can be found on the Internet. I also intend to pick out some of them to introduce to you today is a website on the subject of chemistry, "The Molecule of the Month". As the name says, its content is to introduce a chemical molecule every month. And its connection to our lives.

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has been in operation for 20 years since 1996, so it has accumulated a lot of content. Here you can learn about many chemical molecules that are related to life and play an important role in the history of chemistry, such as the first synthetic dye aniline purple synthesized in human history (which I have also introduced before: bean knowledge: purple, the beginning of the history of artificial dyes), the classic old medicine aspirin, the first organic urea synthesized from inorganic substances, the famous psychedelic drug LSD. Histamine associated with inflammation and allergy, and so on. A new molecule and a corresponding introduction essay are added every month.

for example, the latest "monthly molecule" released in May 2016 is vitamin K, which is a vitamin related to blood clotting in the human body:

the molecule in March this year is melanin, that is, the ingredient that colors and protects skin and hair:

look at the screenshot and estimate that you have found a problem, that is, one of the main shortcomings of this site-ugliness. Indeed, this is a relatively humble-looking website, without much beautification, and seems to perfectly retain the nostalgic feeling of the web pages of the 1990s.

but I think their content is good, so let's look at the inside. This website is developed by the School of Chemistry at the University of Bristol in the UK. the reliability of the content is guaranteed and it will not be difficult to read. More readings and related references will also be attached at the end of each essay. Whether you want to systematically understand common chemicals or want to find them, you can refer to them.

their content has also published books:

if you are interested, you can also introduce some websites and video bloggers that I think are good (but the videos are all on youtube. ), mainly to introduce English resources, I will not recommend Chinese resources first, it is indeed far less abundant than English resources (this is the case, so it is very useful to learn English well. )

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