"water polo", "fish roe", "fishing candy", the various ways of playing alginic acid
"water polo", "fish roe", "fishing candy", the various ways of playing alginic acid
Calcium alginate gel, safe and fun.

once upon a time, it was circulated on the Internet that such a "water polo" making tutorial:

here, the crystal clear "water balloon" is calcium alginate gel. What you can usually buy is sodium alginate, which dissolves in water and is a sticky liquid. After the addition of calcium ions, it will also play a role in pulling linear molecules together into a network, so it becomes a gel.

in fact, I have also done this experiment, but because sodium alginate is added too much and is not very pure, there are more bubbles and strange colors, the painting style of the product is too different from that of the original.

(allow me to make a sad expression)

this experiment is still very safe, you can also try if you are interested. Of course, you have to find the raw material first.

Food-grade alginic acid is also used to make gels in the food industry and many "molecular cuisines". For example, it can turn the original liquid sauce into roe-like "exploding" balls to bring a completely different sense of food. This technique is mentioned in the Euphorbia Spirit:

in addition. I also ate a very strange-looking "fishing candy":

this is really sugar. Although it is not very delicious, the effect of picking up one bar is actually to form calcium alginate gel. (reading the original text is the details of fishing candy, but it is not recommended to buy it at all)

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Alginate really brings a lot of fun to life.