Water bear bug: my cute point is that no matter how much I toss around, I won't die.
Water bear bug: my cute point is that no matter how much I toss around, I won't die.
A cute little creature in an almost invincible state of dehydration.

this main page Jun is a very strange person with cute points. Today, I would also like to introduce you to the adorable water bear bug.

the water bear bug (water bear) is not a bear or an insect, of course, but a kind of creature called "walking animal". The only thing they have in common with bears is probably their small claws. Bears have four claws, while water bears have eight (4 pairs) claws, which proves that they are twice as cute as bears. (Hello)

under an optical microscope, it looks like this:

Ah, the calves are so cute (covering the heart)

most of them are less than a millimeter

. However, if you want to see the meticulous structure, you have to go to the electron microscope. Under the scanning electron microscope, they look more post-modern (what):

(see the little claws? )

of course, what attracts scientists most about water bear bugs is that they are really good at dormant and resistant to harsh environments. These slow-walking animals can enter a "Cryptobiosis" state, dehydrating themselves, and their metabolism nearly stops. In this hidden state, these cute little guys are simply invincible: scientists have tried boiling water, liquid nitrogen freezing, radiation, and exposure to vacuum for a long time, only to find that they can not die in this way, as long as they return to a livable environment, they can wake up talking and laughing again (not).

some time ago, some researchers found samples from more than 30 years ago in the corner of the laboratory-20 ℃ refrigerator, and found that there were still undead water bears inside, which could continue to reproduce after waking up, and their offspring looked normal. The cute moving picture above shows the offspring of the "sleeping beauty bear" who has been sleeping for 30 years (by the way, the green is the algae food it eats).

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of course, this invincible state can not last forever, metabolism can be cut off, but the oxidative damage of biomolecules will not stop, and it will die after too long. The sleeping beauty bear has been able to sleep for 30 years because it slows down the rate of oxidation at low temperatures.

Why can water bear worms be so NB? In fact, there are secrets that have not yet been fully studied. Researchers already know some mechanisms that help organisms "dehydrate" tide over difficulties, such as replacing water with a substance called trehalose. This can avoid harm in the process of dehydration and "recovery", but what is known so far is not enough to fully explain the "halo of the protagonist" in water bears. The research on these little guys continues.

such a powerful creature sounds like the ultimate boss, but don't worry, these little creatures live silently in fresh water, moist soil and other places, and they do no harm to human beings (and they are invincible ~ ≧▽≦)

even plush dolls have ↓

The focus of today is that the water bear bug is so cute _ (: water "∠) _