Watching weekly movies: it may be the most magical popular science that has seen the painting style recently.
Watching weekly movies: it may be the most magical popular science that has seen the painting style recently.
But unexpectedly feel very good-looking is what's going on!

Yes, today a little bit about Amway "the Beast Niang Zoo", a very interesting new fan _ (: animal "∠) _

A film that looks very primary-age at first glance and whose name is easy to make people have some strange associations, but it is actually a scientific and educational film.

the story takes place in a mystery world, in which there are friends representing all kinds of animals, living in different areas of "Javari Park", each of which retains some of the habits and physical features of different animals (but excluding eating habits, where all the animal mothers eat the same snack, avoiding the bloody scene _ (: animal "∠) _).

then one day, there suddenly appeared a little girl who lost her memory and didn't know what kind of animal she was (but she was human anyway. ), in order to understand what kind of animal he really is, he started his adventure in the company of Tou (sou three tones) Cat Niang. It is impossible to judge the plot of this film. It does add a lot of intriguing details, such as the whole zoo is full of human remains of entertainment facilities, but except for the protagonist little girl (named Little schoolbag …... There are no humans outside, and there are a lot of black-and-white photos of abandoned amusement parks at the end of the cartoon, which is even more reminiscent. Many netizens think that this represents the original game that has ceased operation, but it is not clear what the truth is.

but that's not really what I'm talking about. In fact, the most interesting thing about this film is the forced insertion of animal science in each episode. Not only will the robot fans introduce all kinds of landforms, ecology and animals in the film, and in each episode, professionals from various zoos will be invited to popularize the animals in the film:

(in the picture is a jaguar)

this feeling is still …... What's more, the performance of all kinds of animals is also quite scientific. For example, the crested ibis can sing very ugly songs for everyone, but in reality, the crested ibis is indeed a kind of bird with a "very noisy and harsh" call. The protagonist's partner, Tou Cat Niang, often shows excellent bouncing ability, which is also the skill of serval cats in reality. Alpaca Niang will also take a bite when she is in a bad mood.

however, if it is regarded as a popular science film, this film also has a big disadvantage: it uses a completely anthropomorphic image and does not attach the corresponding real animal picture (the cartoon image is also used when forcing the popularization of science). This is not only a slight lack of knowledge, but also makes people feel very dramatic from time to time.

for example, you told me that the one on the left is the largest land animal.

but on the whole, it's still fun. Friends who like animals can have a look, and they should be able to find a lot of familiar faces. Bilibili bought the rights to this film and is currently updating it to episode 6.

serval cat:

Malay tapir:

Whale head Stork:

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(sand cat is super cute ~ distributed in the deserts of North Africa and Central Asia, and cannot be raised.)

read the detailed introduction of the protagonist serval cat in this film ~ from the species calendar.