Want a light and breathable circuit? Put some gold on your skin.
Want a light and breathable circuit? Put some gold on your skin.
Real gold circuit! (though very thin)

Today, I'd like to share a photo I recently saw on CHEMISTRY in PICTURES:

it looks as if the hand has been painted with two golden paints, but what is shown here is a light, breathable skin circuit made of real gold.

in recent years, circuits that can be affixed to the skin have attracted much attention in the scientific research community. As long as the appropriate sensors are added, these lightweight circuit patches can be used to monitor people's health in real time, and at the same time, they can also achieve many interactive control functions, which is very convenient. However, many skin circuits are designed to stick a whole matrix on the skin (such as a piece of silicone film), so the permeability is not good, and it is easy to irritate the skin over a long time.

and the gold skin electrode we see in the figure can solve this problem. It doesn't need extra matrix, and the golden patch we see is actually a reticular structure with less resistance to sweating and breathability.

how does this circuit work? First of all, some PVA nanofibers (300-500nm in diameter) were obtained by electrospinning and intertwined into a network. Next, they deposit 70-100nm thick gold on one side of the nanofiber network. In practice, the researchers put these thin nanoconductors on human skin and spray water. PVA dissolves in water and acts as a glue, allowing the rest of the reticulated gold conductor to stick to the skin. The

test shows that the reticulated nanoconductor fits the skin well, the movement of the fingers does not affect the function of the circuit, and it does cause less skin discomfort. It's also easy to completely remove the affixed circuit: just take a shower. After all, the PVA that is responsible for bonding is very easy to wash off.

related report: http://cen.chempics.org/post/181910548417/golden-touch-to-the-naked-eye-it-looks-like-this

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