Valentine's Day chemistry card to help you change your posture to express your love.
Valentine's Day chemistry card to help you change your posture to express your love.
Chemistry cute picture of Valentine's Day

I think it's a pretty good series, but it's a little deep, and the authors are all Nick Uhlig.

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1. You excite me

this is the electron transition, and the electron will go from the ground state to the excited state after absorbing energy. (however, I know that your prejudice against the word excite can no longer be broken.) the energy source shown in the

figure is photons, and if you emit visible light when you return to the ground state after being excited by light, then it is fluorescence.

2. Let's couple it!

this is the stem of the NMR spectrum, but I can't remember the details. Anyway, what should be shown here is a pair of proton bimodal peaks.

3. You can't replace

the diagram shows the substitution reaction, and then draw a cross, that is, there is no substitution reaction _ (: substitution "∠) _

substitution reaction simply means that a nucleophile (Nu in the figure) is applied, and then a group originally attached to it is replaced. Students who have studied organic chemistry in university should still have an impression, specifically, there are two types of reaction mechanisms.

4. Roses are red, bromothymol blue is blue, my love for you has no end.

the sentence pattern here is a stem, and the original sentence is a popular English nursery rhyme, which leads to a lot of creation. A common original version is

Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

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Sugar is sweet,

And so are you.

bromothymol blue is an acid-base indicator, and Endpoint here also refers to the titration end point.

the following is also specially marked in small print. To be exact, bromothymol blue is blue when pH> 7.6. )

5. Let's conjugate ~

in short, it is the structure of conjugated olefins.

6. Let's form an azeotrope so that the

azeotrope cannot be separated by conventional distillation or fractionation, um.

it is very interesting to embody your favorite subjects in it, but I think the most important thing to express your love is to make sure that your thoughts are accurately conveyed to the other person _ (: stories "∠) _