Useless skills: bamboo sticks through balloons
Useless skills: bamboo sticks through balloons
Bulging balloons always give the impression that they burst with a poke, but this is not always the case.

bulging balloons always give the impression that they burst with a poke, but this is not always the case. As long as you have the right method, you can wear balloons on bamboo sticks like Tomatoes on sticks. Not only do they not explode, but they can even remain air-tight for quite a long time:

I saw this game on the Internet a few days ago. Although it is not of any use, there is no high-end scientific principle, but it's still fun.

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the process of making bamboo sticks through balloons is as follows: first, lubricate the bamboo sticks and apply a little vegetable oil or Vaseline. Next, the most important thing is to get into the position of the bamboo stick: as shown in the picture, be sure to start at the "tail" (near the fastened opening) and the "top of the head" (directly above the opening). Slowly turn the bamboo stick, from one of these two places into the balloon membrane, and then from the other corresponding position, and then complete ~

(the balloon is too big, the bamboo stick is not long enough …... )

the reason why the balloon will not be burst is actually very simple: these two places are the thickest film, the least stretch and the lowest tension on the whole balloon. When we want to burst the balloon, we usually start from its side, where the balloon membrane is highly stretched and the tension is very high. Once there is a small break in the balloon membrane, the unbalanced tension will directly tear the balloon membrane apart. Poking a small hole in the thickest "tail" and "top of the head" of the balloon will not produce such a big force change. The lubrication of the bamboo stick can avoid excessive pulling of the balloon film in the process of poking and reduce the resistance of passing through.

I tested the balloon at hand and basically succeeded easily. Come and play if you are interested.