Turn the whole room into a 3D printer? Take you to build a tower and make you fly!
Turn the whole room into a 3D printer? Take you to build a tower and make you fly!
Guess how high the little guy printed the tower?

Why, there seems to be a little robot hanging in the air?

take a closer look at what it's doing:

it turns out that this is a 3D printer.

3D printers all have a box, why not this one? In fact, it turns the whole room into a 3D printer frame! It moves by computer-controlled pulleys and wires fixed to walls, floors and ceilings to control where printing is carried out.

this is a new large 3D printer-Hangprinter, which was developed by Swedish inventor Torbj ø rn Ludvigsen in three years. Its advantage is that it is a cheap and convenient way to break the size limit and allow people to print larger items.

how big can it be? He used the printer to create a 3.5-meter model of the Babylon Tower:

imagine that if you use the normal 3D printing method, this height model needs at least a 3.5-meter printer to make it.

Hangprinter is not actually the first large and unrestricted 3D printer, but it has its own unique features.

first of all, it's cheap. You can buy all the hardware and firmware for only about $250 (about 1700 yuan). At present, the cheapest 3D printers in China cost 1000 yuan (or a household mini version), while the cheapest industrial printers are about 3000, and tens of thousands of imports are generally available. You can feel it on your own.

secondly, its design is public. Anyone can improve the structure of the Hangprinter and create a proprietary version of the only one in the world. If you feel that you are not good enough, there are also improved versions uploaded by other designers on the Internet as a reference.

in addition, another interesting feature of Hangprinter is that it can "replicate itself". Hangprinter can make most of its own parts, which means more similar devices can be made with one Hangprinter.

in addition, Hangprinter is also part of the open source project Reprap (Replicating Rapid Prototyper), which aims to introduce 3D printing technology to the lower and middle class so that ordinary people can benefit from it.

now Ludvigsen is raising funds for further development and improvement. He thinks Hangprinter has a lot of room for improvement, which is another reason why he chose to release the blueprints for free. "this is a flexible manufacturing technology that can be applied to a variety of situations," he said. I can't predict its future, but I don't want to hinder its development. "

if you are interested, you can check out Ludvigsen's blog (https://vitana.se/opr3d/tbear/). There are the latest developments and all the blueprints. Maybe there is a god who can make a Hangprinter himself.

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