Today's cold knowledge: when the eyeball moves, what moves with it?
Today's cold knowledge: when the eyeball moves, what moves with it?
If you don't do research, you probably won't be able to find _ (: "∠") _ at all

when you hold your head still and move your eyes left and right to track a target, there is an unexpected part that will actually move along with it. Which part do you think it will be?

even if you try it yourself, you probably won't get the answer, because this phenomenon is so difficult to find in life.

the answer is tympanic membrane. Yes, a recent study found that as people's eyes move, the tympanic membrane in the ear always moves in a corresponding and regular manner. Specifically, it goes something like this: if the eyeball scans to the left, the tympanic membrane on both sides will move to the right first, and then vibrate repeatedly several times. If the eyeball is to the right, the law of vibration will also be reversed. Even if there is a complete lack of external sound stimulation, this phenomenon will still occur.

in life, probably no one will feel this subtle movement, thanks to the researchers stuffed microphones into the subjects' ear canal to collect signals, we know that there is such a phenomenon.

in addition to human subjects, this phenomenon also occurred in laboratory monkeys, and the movement of the tympanic membrane depends on the direction and extent of the scan. The researchers also found that the tympanic membrane reacted even before the eye movement actually began-it was 10 milliseconds earlier. This suggests that "eye movement" and "ear response" are probably coordinated when the brain gives instructions.

but why? Does the exercise of the tympanic membrane help to better process sound information? There is no answer to this point. But the researchers speculate that this may help better match visual and auditory information. To be sure, sight and hearing are not completely isolated, there are many connections between the two senses, and this connection is not only reflected in the brain.

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