Today is the time to dry toys!
Today is the time to dry toys!
It's cute, so let's see it.

Today is the time to dry toys! Friends who know me well know that I like water bears, naked mole mice and king foot worms (and their isopod women), so I have collected some of their toys. It's not a huge collection, just because it's really cute, so I want to show it to you.

Water Bear

Hypsibius dujardini twist egg (Takara Tomy)

its length is less than 5cm, which is almost 100times larger than that of the real object. There is a round base with a Latin name on it, but it doesn't feel useful.

cute point: the body is completely transparent, so the algae you eat can also be seen (like crystal shrimp dumpling! )

Water Bear knowledge handkerchief (science techni colour)

is also a twisted egg, a series of magical biology popular science, with cartoon illustrations and quite detailed knowledge introduction (Japanese). It's a handkerchief, but the material is very non-absorbent, and I don't know what practical value it has, but it's really cute.

(I seriously consider whether I can have a water bear T-shirt if I sew it on my clothes these days)

Naked Mole Mole

Rainbow Naked Mole Mole

I bought a whole set to make sure I can get pink. Soft, easy to squeeze and more restored.

Naked Mole science techni colour

and water bear bug handkerchiefs are in a series, with a lot of knowledge printed on both sides, including their very rare true social mammals, long lifespan and special resistance to hypoxia. This is not bad enough. You can use it. The one lying down in the lower right corner is very cute.

the plush naked mole

looks quite different because it has no wrinkles, but it is also quite cute.

it seems that the king has the most foot worms, so he doesn't bother to introduce them one by one.

my favorite is the 1:1-sized king foot worm model. I don't know if you have ever heard of the king's foot worm that starved to death after several years of not eating in a Japanese aquarium. The prototype of this model is that one. (feel a little malicious)

(above is a small king with foot bug plush refrigerator paste, the growth is very irreducible. )

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feel how big 1:1 is.

another favorite is the king's silicone tea maker in the shape of a foot worm:

but it's actually a bit troublesome to get tea out of its belly after use.

I have a rat woman who can't form a ball, and three rat women who can ball. People may naturally think that it is more fun to form a ball, but I think each has its own advantages and disadvantages. The one that can't ball is actually more exquisite in workmanship (and more expensive at the same time. The series that is suitable for holding and forming balls at the same time has more room to play because it can be moved or disassembled.

the immovable Mouse woman toy (Ocean Hall)

is the bottom one. In the middle is an unpainted special version of the king's foot worm from the Qitam Club.

active squirrel women twist eggs (ten generations)

this series has produced many colors. The blue one in the picture is worth mentioning. Its prototype is a mouse woman infected with isopod iridovirus. This virus will make the mouse woman appear a very beautiful blue structure color, but it will also make the mouse woman die at the same time. (rat woman: I feel like I'm going to die)

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