Today, I want to show you the true fluorescence of the glow stick.
Today, I want to show you the true fluorescence of the glow stick.
An extinguished glow stick can't be revived, but you can make it glow in another way.

Today, I want to do something that hurts a little bit: show you what the fluorescent stick looks like when it gives off real fluorescence.

there is a background introduction before the video is played. The new glow stick will start to glow as soon as it is broken. Is this light fluorescent? It's not. In normal use, fluorescent rods produce chemiluminescence, that is, the energy of photons comes from chemical reactions.

as previously introduced in the push, the glow stick is a double-layer structure with a hollow glass tube hidden inside the plastic shell. The glass tube separates the reaction solution of the two parts to prevent them from reacting in advance. Break the glass tube, the reactants are mixed together, and the luminous chemical reaction begins. The chemical reaction of

fluorescent rod occurs between hydrogen peroxide and diphenyl oxalate. Simply put, this reaction produces a "high-energy" intermediate (the one with a four-membered ring in the image below) that does not emit light by itself, but transfers energy to the fluorescent dye, allowing the dye to enter the excited state. Next, the excited fluorescent dye will glow. The basic principles of chemical reactions in fluorescent rods are the same, and which color of light will be emitted depends on which fluorescent dye is used.

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(dye in the image above is dye, dye* is dye in excited state, hv is light emitted)

chemiluminescence cannot be maintained after the reactants are exhausted, so these fluorescent sticks are disposable. But there are still fluorescent dyes in the used fluorescent rods, and if they are excited by ultraviolet light, they can produce real fluorescence this time.

Let's take a look at the (used) glow sticks that are really glowing:

I think you may have understood the painful part of this by now. This looks no different from the chemiluminescence ∠. After all, it is the same fluorescent dye that glows.

when a glow stick burns out your life, if you still miss its light, let the ultraviolet lamp accompany it.