Today I Learned: the other side of the diamond is... Radiator?
Today I Learned: the other side of the diamond is... Radiator?
Apart from being expensive and hard, that's what makes diamonds really special.

the heating is reliable when the arms are not warm enough, and if the price is not taken into account, diamonds are the most suitable for radiators.

We all know that diamonds are the hardest materials, but a usually unexpected fact is that diamonds are also the best thermal conductive materials among common substances. Its thermal conductivity is even several times higher than that of silver and copper, which have the best thermal conductivity in metals. When the temperature is 25 degrees Celsius and the pressure is 1 atmospheric pressure, the thermal conductivity of copper is 401W/mK, that of silver is 429W/mK, that of gold is 310W/mk, that of platinum is only 70W/mK, and that of diamond is 1000W/mK. So a simple and preliminary way to identify diamonds is to lick them. Generally speaking, diamonds are a little colder than gold, platinum and other metals next to them.

but unlike the usual "good thermal conductivity, then certain electrical conductivity is probably good", diamonds have poor electrical conductivity in most cases and can be regarded as insulators.

the thermal conductivity is excellent but not very conductive. When you think about it, this kind of example is not very common. This is because there are two ways to conduct heat, one is through the collision of free electrons, which is consistent with the principle of conductivity-so most metals have strong thermal and electrical conductivity. However, in crystals such as diamonds, there are few active electrons, so heat conduction depends on the second way: through the vibration wave "phonon" in the lattice, which requires fewer lattice defects and strong chemical bonds that make up the crystal. Thermal conductivity will be high. Just like vibrating a net, a hard unbroken net can shake more violently with very little effort, while a soft broken fishing net is very difficult. First of all, the diamond crystal is perfect, and secondly, the carbon-carbon bond of the crystal is also very strong, and the mass of the carbon atom itself is also small, so the attenuation in the vibration transfer is small and the efficiency is high, so the diamond happens to perform well in this kind of heat conduction.

when we are deluded by the dazzling brilliance and high price of diamonds, we tend to ignore its original perfect characteristics when we indulge in discussing whether diamonds are a grand marketing hoax. Of course, diamonds themselves do not know and never care.

the author PS: the story of the princess in the cartoon is of course made up. A hypothetical ╮ (╯▽╰) ╭

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Last issue mentioned that rock candy can glow when smashed. If you have a chance to lick the diamond this time, you can also try it.)

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