Time-lapse photography: bubbly bear candy!
Time-lapse photography: bubbly bear candy!
Why is the bear swollen? A safe and interesting home experiment ~

Candy Bear is a very popular candy with fans all over the world. In addition to eating, cute candy bears can also be used for experiments. You may have seen various versions of the candy bear ravaged with potassium chlorate, that is very cool, yes, but such a fierce reaction can not be casually imitated, so today to introduce a home version of the bear candy experiment.

this is actually a very simple experiment, and its simplest version is to throw candy bear into the water and soak it. You may think it's a little pediatric, but it's fun in practice, and you can eat

so what do you get when soaking it? the answer is a swollen bear candy. As long as you soak enough, you will find that the size of the bear gradually increases, the color becomes lighter, and it becomes a swollen bear like jelly.

Last weekend I took a time-lapse photo of swollen bear candy at home:

it turns out that mobile phone time-delay photography is simple, but it is also very fun.

Little Bear candy belongs to gelatin candy. Its soft and chewy texture comes from gelatin. Candy bear is actually a kind of gel, wrapped in a network of gelatin with some moisture (yes, you can think of it as a fruit-flavored meat jelly. If the gelatin candy is kept in a dry environment, it will lose moisture and become hard, and if soaked in water, it will absorb more water and expand and soften. Gelatin is insoluble in cold water, so although it becomes swollen, the bear will remain in its original shape.

however, it is important to note that gelatin is not heat-resistant and can be melted at a temperature equivalent to body temperature (think about the capsule and the jelly you eat), so if you play this in the summer, please put it in the refrigerator to prevent the bear from running out of bones.

in addition, small experiments on osmotic pressure can also be done with candy bears. Although strictly speaking, this is not a semi-permeable membrane, the degree of water absorption and expansion of bears will change with the change of external osmotic pressure. For example, you can try soaking bears in clear water and strong salt water. They will become different in size. When the external osmotic pressure is very high, it will become more difficult for water to enter the bear.

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the following is the swollen bear I made last year. On the left is the unsoaked control, the middle is two clear water bears, and on the right are two strong saltwater bears:

the swollen bear is also very cute to squeeze:

besides this, there are more tricks to play with. For example, Vat19 soaked it with their giant candy bear:

it feels great. In addition, vodka bubble bears, which have been popular on the Internet for a while, are essentially the same. Although I personally don't like that taste very much, it is completely feasible to turn candy bear into vodka jelly. You can also try it.