Tie the tentacle to the robotic arm! It can also help you pour water.
Tie the tentacle to the robotic arm! It can also help you pour water.
A robotic octopus tentacle.

Octopus waving huge tentacles is often the scary villain in movies, but learning the structure of octopus tentacles can make a robotic arm that becomes a good human helper.

this robotic arm is called OctopusGripper, which comes from Festo. It doesn't seem to have the sticky discomfort of a real octopus, but it borrows the structure of a wrist, foot and sucker from a real octopus to hold on to all kinds of objects.

the whole picture is as follows:

Festo believes that compared with today's more common mechanical claws, this grasping robot octopus tentacles have a wider range of adaptability, they can hold objects of all sizes, and there are sucker-assisted fixation.

you can grab the magazine:

grab the ball:

I can also pour you a glass of water.

in addition to octopus tentacles, this company has actually made many other bionic robots. For example, they had a robot kangaroo that was good at jumping, and it was fun:

I have to say, this is much cuter than the robot octopus!

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Source: http://gizmodo.com/a-squishy-robotic-octopus-tentacle-might-not-actually-b-1793787476