This "sea turtle" is so good that it can sweep mines!
This "sea turtle" is so good that it can sweep mines!
Slow walking robots can also be useful.

when it comes to robots, do you think of cool shapes and agile skills? However, the robot introduced today takes a different route.

at first glance, you must have noticed that they climb so slowly, just like sea turtles. You are right that they are based on sea turtles.

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is it very similar? Wave your fins and climb carelessly, but don't underestimate them. The robots come from a project at the University of Arizona in the United States and may be used for mine clearance in war areas.

the Turtle Robot is made of laser-cut cardboard folded and fitted with cheap computer chips and motors, making it easy to arrange in the desert. In addition, each robot takes only 2-3 hours to assemble, worth about $80, so even if a few are lost in a war zone, it's not a big deal.

Project Manager Heni Ben Amor believes that swarms of turtle robots can be sent to clear mines, locate mines and alert people so that they can be removed.

the unique design of these robots lies in their turtle-like crawling style. The sand of each terrain is different, and it is very difficult to design a robot to adapt it to all situations. And changes in rain and humidity will constantly change the appearance of the desert, making it more difficult for robots to move in the desert.

so to solve this problem, Ben Amor designed an algorithm for his turtle robots so that they can adjust their crawling skills according to the desert surface. Put the turtle robot on a strange sand, and it can adapt to the new environment in a few hours. The picture below is a test of robots crawling in different shapes of sand.

Ben Amor will present his research results at two robot conferences in July. Let's hope that the Turtle Robot can be put into practice as soon as possible.