This is probably the most sandy animal illustrator in the network.
This is probably the most sandy animal illustrator in the network.
You can think about what the cover picture is all about first.

Today is still Amway time. I would like to recommend a Japanese illustrator on Twitter. His name is Goji Kawasaki. (personal page:

this person will draw some rather serious illustrations of paleontology for popular science books:

at the same time, he can often show the differences between animals through bone anatomy illustrations, so he can learn a lot about it.

for example, the following picture shows a comparison of the cervical vertebrae between a human and an owl. Owls have more cervical vertebrae and have much more freedom of neck rotation than humans, which can twist up to 270 degrees.

but none of this is really the point. The real point is that this person's talent for translating ordinary animal anatomy into sand sculptures is unbeatable. Let's focus on his sand sculpture image _ (: sand "∠) _

first of all, the most famous one: (from left to right) comparison of the hindlimb bones of people, dogs, horses and flamingos.

because of a common ancestor, the limb bone patterns of these animals are actually the same, but the proportion of each part of the bone and which part to use to walk on the ground are different. The creative idea here is that "if people grow in proportion to the bones of other animals, it will become like this." Very helpful to understand, at the same time the scene is also very sand sculpture.

based on the same idea, a series of sand sculptures were born.

such as Rabbit Man:

Tortoise Man:

this picture clearly shows that ribs, sternum, shoulder blades, etc. are all part of the shell of the tortoise, so the shell of the tortoise cannot be taken off like in cartoons, it is a part of the body. (but at this time I just want to laugh)

and Penguin Man (although none of these pictures have been restored at the head):

of course, the best thing in my mind is the following:

the text in the picture

A slightly difficult quiz

this male recreates the posture of an animal walking

so what is this animal?

you can think about it first (although you may not be able to think about it. ), here is the answer ↓↓




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the answer is kangaroo.

the powerful tail of a kangaroo is very much like an additional leg, and they can use their tail instead of their hind legs to support their bodies.

as a comparison, the original version looks something like this:

(photo source: Heather More)

I understand, but Mr. Kawasaki, what kind of tail did you put on this man?

in short, it is such a magical person. It can also bring people a lot of happiness after learning. _ ("∠") _