This dummy, it must be the most frightening thing NASA has ever done.
This dummy, it must be the most frightening thing NASA has ever done.
A strange historical product of painting style

come on, introduce a friend to you. He is tall and tall, but he doesn't seem to be very happy:

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this is a... What the hell?

in fact, this is a dummy developed by NASA in the 1960s. It has many joints that mimic human beings and can be driven by hydraulic pressure. It is said that the purpose of making this thing is to use it to replace real people and test some spacesuits.

but to put it simply, this thing is really very cute.

the internal structure goes like this:

full-length photo of the skin:

(Oh, my God, don't stare at me)

this is what it looks like to move.

(this low-definition video is from Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum and is said to be an experimental image from the 1960s)

it is said that only two such dummies have been made. Sadly, they don't really come in handy because the hydraulic system used to control the movement of dummies is always leaking. Although people came up with methods such as wrapping dummies in diving suits at that time, it was unsuccessful, and then the plan was abandoned _ (: dummies "∠) _

but the two dummies were preserved, one of which was in the Udvar-Hazy Museum of the Smithsonian Institution, and the other is said to have been auctioned off (will anyone want it?) )

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