There's a supermoon tonight.
There's a supermoon tonight.
What is the meaning of the moon?

when my girlfriend said to me, "look, the moon is so round tonight", it happened to be the closest to the Guangzhou Tower.

that night, Tong c and I met with our predecessors on Xingsheng Road and heard a lot about his views on writing and the team. At that time, I was quite introverted, and whenever my seniors looked at me and wanted to get some reaction from me, I would only nod and drink lemon tea.

it takes about fifteen minutes to walk from Xingsheng Road to Spring Square.

the elder asked us, "do you want to come to Guangzhou in the future?"

Tong C hit me: "Editor-in-chief, how can you be so unambitious?"


sitting by the window writing, I don't know what came to mind, but in the cluttered work group at that time, I said, "in the future, we're going to have our place in CBD."

some things are like this, you keep talking about it, through various forms to eliminate it, it will fall from the sky to the ground, from very difficult to not so difficult, and then to the back, become "not difficult".

if I remember correctly, it was the last game of the 17-year LOL World Finals, when SKT was preparing to win its historic third consecutive championship, and the coach of rival Samsung said in an interview before the match: "any team winning three championships in a row is not good news for future teams." Isn't it a good thing that Samsung pulled down SKT? "

during the last game, I sat on the leisure wooden chair in Huacheng Square with my cell phone. Sometimes I picked up my phone and put it in my ear to listen to the explanation, and sometimes I put the horizontal end of the phone screen in front of me.

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after the competition, I called the shareholders at that time and said, "is it convenient for me to have dinner together when I am in Guangzhou?"

I say Dongguan is good, but I think Dongguan is so good that no one has the feeling of going to work there.

after dinner with him at 12:00 again, he asked me to stay at his house and play PUBG with me.

there was also a Didi ride, and I issued an order there, so I went back to my home in Dongguan at two o'clock in the morning.

he replied in a second: "you want to buy me a midnight snack?"


the reason for leaving is also very strange in retrospect. It's not a misunderstanding if you say it's a misunderstanding. It's not really a disagreement when you say we really have differences.

none of us have been in a big company and have no normal workplace experience.

A good get-together can't break up.

I remember that we used to sit on the school football field and watch the moon. We still had small speakers and bought a row of Vitasoy and a few bags of potato chips at the convenience store.

but it's all over.


he answered me with three question marks.

after a while, he said, "Hmm."

I said, "what a pity."

it's my turn to send him a question mark.

looking at his message, my girlfriend asked me why I was in a daze. I said, "the reason why such a round moon appears on this day should be to remind us not to forget something, right?" Even if all the traces have been removed, the emotions that have existed cannot be removed. "

she said, "well, that's what the moon should do."