The wombat's poop is square-how do you pull this shape out?
The wombat's poop is square-how do you pull this shape out?
An animal that produces chocolate (not)

(this article is reproduced from the species calendar)

there is a cute species called wombats in Oceania, which are actually three different species of the wombat family: the Tasmanian wombat, the hairy-nosed wombat and the Australian hairy-nosed wombat. But when it comes to cute words, the Tasmanian wombat must have won by a big margin:

that's how it turns you over. Photo: pexels

such a lovely animal, last year's cute "species Calendar" & lt; must have introduced & gt;: these lovely herbivores have rodent-like incisors and are good at digging holes with strong front claws. They generally run slowly , but can escape at speeds of up to 40 km /h (faster than people) when in danger, and run for as long as 90 seconds . ).

tired of running, catch your breath. Picture: J. J. Harrison /wiki commons

but today we are going to talk about their poop .

wombat, convenient!

taking out the poop alone, it naturally has its advantages-the poop of other animals is long and round, but it is always in the shape of poop, and let's take a look at wombat poop:

the ones on the left are dry wombat poop-are they inexplicably the same as the raw chocolate hair on the right?

well, I know this stem may be a little ancient, but it's important to point out that WALL E. is not the only one who can produce square "feces."

but Wall-E is still super cute! Picture:

part of "Robot Story"

this is indeed an interesting phenomenon, but if you think about why the wombat's poop is in this shape, you will find that this is a very interesting scientific question-after all, the wombat's chrysanthemum is not the mouth of a cream bag, and they look no different from those of other animals.

there is no "blood-qi square anus" at all! Photo:

not long ago, the answer to one of the unsolved mysteries of nature was revealed.

it is obviously not feasible to explain this by looking "like the host". It is still necessary to talk about science. Photo: Business Insider UK

at the hydrodynamics branch of the 71st American Physics Annual meeting, Patricia J. Yang, a Chinese-American scientist at the Hooled Laboratory at the Georgia Institute of Technology, presented a report that restored this epic process.

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they studied two Tasmanian wombats who died in a car accident and found that gut is the core of shaping square poop.

the baby is miserable. Picture: Pixabay

wombat, like all other mammals, the digestible residue flows through 92% of the intestines in the form of fluid before it becomes dehydrated and solidified. The difference is that the large intestine structure of the wombat is not uniform in the cross section. Their intestines are quadrangular, four of which are less elastic and can only be deformed by 20% when they are filled, while the part in the middle of them can be deformed by 75%.

it is in such a dehydration process that cube-shaped poop is gradually formed. It is worth mentioning that this process has something to do with the dry environment where they live-the more they can drain the poop as much as possible, the more sharp the edges of the poop will be, while the wombats with adequate water supply in the zoo tend to pull out less square poop.

but we still have a bit of a square. Picture: jomilo75

convenient what to do?

for koalas, the main use of square poop is to mark territory . Square poop is not easy to roll, so even if it is placed on top of a bare rock, it will not roll away easily.

is it quite conspicuous? Photo: NBC2 News

under natural conditions, wombat poop is quite dry and does not give off any unpleasant smell, so some clever Australians have developed a series of (funny versions) "uses" of wombat poop.

what are you playing? Wait a minute... Isn't this my road sign?! Picture: Diego Delso /wiki commons

Fertilizer, fuel, packing filler, air freshener (it is said to have a pure Australian flavor) and other more serious uses, I won't elaborate on them. Anyway, I am convinced of the following uses:

C. Children's toys

Pictures: Thomas Schwenke

B. Manual

Picture: Thomas Schwenke

A. Writing tool

Picture: Thomas Schwenke

looks like a real wombat.Sample use it!

Picture: Thomas Schwenke