The robot made a mistake? Use "ideas" to correct it.
The robot made a mistake? Use "ideas" to correct it.
And, they teach robots to act cute again.

A robot system that uses human EEG signals to correct errors. If the robot makes a mistake in the task, the human volunteers watching nearby do not need to speak and point, they only need "ideas" to transmit the error correction signal to the robot.

when people see an error, they generate a related neural signal (error-related potential signal), which is used here to interact with the robot.

here the robot performs a simple classification task, grabbing some copper wire or paint cans and putting them in the corresponding box. Volunteers wear brain caps, and brainwave analysis takes only a few milliseconds to complete, and when an "error signal" is detected, the signal is transmitted to the robot.

and then what? The robot corrects its movements when it receives the signal, and. It will also make an embarrassing blushing expression _ (: embarrassing) ∠) _

(Gee, I'm sorry)

researchers hope that this approach will help people and machines cooperate in a more "natural" way in the future. According to new scientist, when people find that the robot has made a mistake, the system correctly detects the "error signal" in 70% of the cases and successfully corrects the robot's action.

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looks interesting, but the accuracy doesn't feel good enough.