The potato battery has been upgraded! It became a-- a Tudou bike.
The potato battery has been upgraded! It became a-- a Tudou bike.
The pet of the mystery

Fruit and vegetable battery is a classic small experiment. If you insert a piece of copper and a piece of zinc into fruits and vegetables such as lemon and potato, and connect the two poles with wires, you will get a simple small battery.

this kind of fruit and vegetable battery can provide a little power, although the power supply is very small, but it can still be used to drive calculators or light small light bulbs:

such an experiment is also interesting, but it is still far from cool. Can you add some new tricks to the potato battery?

recently, tubing user Marek Baczynski came up with a bold idea: put potato batteries on motors and wheels to make a self-propelled car and let it run around with its own power.

that sounds good, but wait, with a potato battery, do you have enough power?

obviously, the answer is not enough. The electricity generated by the potato battery is not enough to keep the potato car running.

but this guy obviously made some kind of self-driving potato car. The method he uses is simple: use capacitors to accumulate weak power output and discharge it after reaching a certain voltage. In this way, at least after a period of waiting, Tudou can take a step forward.

the potato trolley he makes takes a quarter of an hour to "accumulate power" each time, and then it can move a few centimeters away. Continue to build up strength, of course. ).

generally speaking, it can be said that it is useless.

however, the author seems to have quite enjoyed it. He added a random steering setting to the Tudou bike and happily kept the guy who couldn't get far in a day at home. He also gave this pet potato car (? ) has a name-- Pontus.

(this. )

finally, he found that his pet potato seemed to find its own home-it began to move closer to the oven. So he found a board and set up a slope to see if the potato truck would really go into the oven. As a result, it really passed.

since this is the destination of Tudou's own choice. ), the author happily roasted his pet....

(Hey, hey, is this really good. )

finally, let's review the principle of potato battery. Although potatoes are not as sour as lemons, they also provide hydrogen ions for electrochemical reactions. The reactions that take place at the two electrodes are as follows:

Zn → Zn2+ + 2e-

for more details on Tudou bicycle, please see the original video:

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